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Storage solutions company in Gallatin, TN, shares: 3 weird but true reasons to get a storage unit
February 10, 2021 at 8:00 AM
Storage solutions company in Gallatin, TN, shares: 3 weird but true reasons to get a storage unit

People choose our storage solutions in Gallatin, TN, for a number of reasons. Most commonly, people are downsizing and need a secure place to stash their belongings, or they’ve simply run out of storage space at home.

But besides these common scenarios, there are also some not-so-typical (but practical) reasons to get a storage unit. We’re rounding up the top 3 reasons to get a storage unit that you might not have considered:

1. You’re planning a breakup

There’s no way around it: breakups are hard, and they’re even worse when you have to live with a person. It’s not always possible to just pick up and leave to a new place after breaking up. Finding a new apartment takes time; plus, you might need to find a new job if you’re moving to a different city.

We’ve all been there: you’ve broken up with someone, and then you have to spend several agonizing weeks cohabitating with them while you plan your move. Then when the big move comes, you and your friends have to spend a very awkward day rushing to haul out your belongings before your ex comes home.

Why not rent a storage space in the meantime? At NashStar Movers, short-term rentals are included in our storage solutions in Gallatin, TN. This allows you to start stashing your belongings on the sly, so you can crash on a friend’s couch until you move into your new place after a breakup. And if you want to spare your friends the drama on move-out day, our professional movers would be happy to lend you a helping hand.

2. You’re in between living situations

While it’s not safe or legal to live in a storage unit, renting a space can still be really helpful when you’re in between moves. For instance, let’s say you want to start fresh in a new city. Your first step is to start interviewing for jobs, but it’s nearly impossible to do so when you live far away.

The solution? Live with a friend in your new city or find short-term accommodations, and move your belongings into storage. While you line up interviews in your city of choice, you can put your best self forward without having to worry about last-minute flights or long drives to the city that you want to live in.

Once you land a job, you can easily transfer your belongings from storage into your new place. This approach allows you to make a more seamless transition. If you’re in between moves, our storage solutions in Gallatin, TN, can be a major help. You can temporarily rent one of our storage units, and our professional movers will make move-in day a breeze.

3. A friend or loved one died

When the unthinkable happens, it’s not always easy to sort through a friend's or loved one’s belongings. And if family disputes arise due to probate matters, this can make the process even more difficult.

Renting a storage unit allows you and your family to temporarily store your loved one’s belongings until you’re ready to properly distribute the items. This is especially helpful if you need to quickly sell the decedent's house, but the probate process hasn’t been finalized, or you’re simply not emotionally ready to go through their belongings.

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