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Tips from a corporate moving service for your office move in Gallatin, TN
January 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Tips from a corporate moving service for your office move in Gallatin, TN

A flourishing business is exciting. Although, with growth comes greater needs for your company. Whether this means expanding your services offered or growing your team, you probably need to accommodate these needs with a larger office space. When it comes to making the physical move, Move and Junk can help with our corporate moving service in Gallatin, TN. In the meantime, take a look at our guide to your office move that can help you from start to finish.

Review current lease

Before you get too far into planning your move, review your lease agreement. If you’re renting your current location, there could be certain stipulations in getting out of your lease that include a specific amount of time as notice. Make sure that you have plenty of time to provide notice to your current landlord.

Communicate internally

Communicating your intentions to move your office immediately isn’t always the best idea. If your move will take place quickly, then yes. However, if you’re not planning on relocating your office for more than six months or even a year, waiting is a good idea because a lot of things can fall apart during that time.

If your move will be in the next four to six months, begin internal communication to your team so preparations can begin. Assemble a planning team that can get started going through the logistics of organizing your office equipment and preparing for the move. Appoint a moving manager who can lead this team can delegate responsibility across the group.

As the move gets closer, make sure your team knows when desks and workspaces need to be packed up. Depending on the setup your team members have, a month or two of notice should be plenty. If you have employees with much more elaborate office space, be sure you give them enough time to ensure that everything is packed up and ready for moving day.

Set a moving date

As your move gets closer, it’s important to set a hard date. This is the day that everything needs to get out of the office. Set your date so that your employees know when all of their belongings either need to be at home or at the new office. Once you set a date, you can hire your corporate moving service in Gallatin, TN.

Get quotes from moving companies

Make your office move easier on your team by hiring a moving company. A corporate moving service can make a major difference in moving your office. Set a budget for your move and find a company that can fit within it. Moving always costs more than you think it will, so try your best to fit within your budget with a moving company. Shop around and get quotes from different moving companies in your area. You’ll want to make sure that you hire a company that specializes in office moves because there’s a difference between residential and commercial moves.

Communicate externally

As your moving date approaches, there’s still more communication that needs to happen. Fill out change of address forms, change utilities, notify vendors and customers, and provide your landlord with the appropriate amount of notice. Be sure to change your utilities over to your new location well before you move in order to prevent a lapse or gap in service from your utilities, this includes phone and internet services. Even a day or two of service outages can cut into profits. Furthermore, make sure that your vendors are aware of your new location so you can continue to receive their services without any gaps.

Get in touch with Move and Junk

Get started on your next office move with Move and Junk. We provide corporate moving services in Gallatin, TN, and can help your company move to its new location. Get in touch with our team today by calling 888-827-0059 or filling out our online contact form.